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Randomly Pouring…..

The Chaos

In this rat race, 
chaos is something that needs to be embraced.
Chaos can't be compared to perfection
and it does not have a direction. Ya, chaos is untamed
but it is nothing to be ashamed of.
But its beauty remains hidden
as this world made chaos forbidden.

– Isha Chawla


27 responses to “The Chaos”

  1. counting both crow and coups

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  2. Materially Reducing A World

    Forgetting the Chaos MaGiC

    Or Perhaps Never Understanding

    That Complaints of Stars Seemingly

    Randomly Placed in the Night Sky

    At A Much Bigger Than Human

    Unaided Eye View Creates

    A Spiraling Milky

    Way Similar to All the

    Spirals Seen And Felt Below

    As True What We Call Reason is Often

    Materially Reducing And Short of What Reality

    Even Fully Is Dear Isha No Need to Count Stars

    Just Enter in the Flow of ‘Unknowing’ ‘Interbeing’

    YeT iN iLLuSioNS Human

    Reason Separates

    Us From the Magic

    That Chaos Brings in ART NaTuRaLLY

    Original Creativity Breathing For Real NewLY NoW

    Not Just iN Us Yet Every PArt STiLL Whole mY FRiEND..:)

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    1. 🤝❤️❤️❤️

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  3. Beautiful words, beautiful art!

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    1. Thank u❤️
      The words are mine but art isn’t


      1. Then it’s a beautiful choice of art.

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  4. Out of order, chaos emerges, to once again be ordered. There is something truly beautiful in the simple complexity life affords us. I enjoyed this reminder and I look forward to more of your posts.

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    1. Absolutely Sir💯
      I am grateful that you enjoyed my poetry 🤝

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      1. Very good abstrakt painting.


  5. Such a bundle of nice words framed by a great poet herself! Amazing 😉👍

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      1. Your always welcome🎉😊 and you deserve it…
        Btw how are you?

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      2. Nice to hear!
        I’m also fine

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  6. Great writing. Love this

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