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Randomly Pouring…..

  • Words part 2

    Kya thi mai aur kya banti ja rahi hu, khud mein kyun itna ulajhti ja rahi hu, shyd pehle kabhi itna uljhi nahi toh suljhana nahi aa raha mereko. Khair yaha toh sab mukhota pehne ghumte hain, jo apne andr ke Shor ko dabate hain, shyd mai bhi dheere dheere vahi seekhti jaarahi hu. What… Continue reading

  • Poetry

    Poetry isn’t restricted to penning down thoughts, it is like a mirage in the seasons of drought. Poetry isn’t just about expressing, it is more about confessing, confessing those thoughts to oneself which often remain hidden,because a few of them got forbidden, forbidden by society or by the brain. Poetry may be mundane, but for… Continue reading

  • Words

    Kehna chahta tha kuch vo bhi koshish bhi ki lekin keh ni paya dimaag jo khada tha saamne dil kuch bayan kar hi ni paya The heart wanted to say something, it even tried but failed to express anything as brain was there in front of heart Kahaniyan aur kisse sirf unhiko samajh aate hain… Continue reading

  • Dear Regrets,

    You have been the worst thing to hold, you stopped me to become bold. You know how to mold, mold my mood by giving me flashbacks and you try hard to make me believe that there is something I lack. The only good thing about you is I haven’t been holding you that tightly now,… Continue reading

  • Mind 🤝 Affection

    The mind that bares that overthinking, The mind that keeps interlinking, interlinking all the whys; The mind that sometimes proves to be insane and sometimes overly sane;The mind that sometimes acts mature but sometimes acts as if requires any cure despite all this that mind sometimes needs to be adored! – Isha Chawla Continue reading

  • The sweet girl, next door?

    I have never been that sweet girl one sees next door, not lying I tried many times though so that everyone can adore but I don’t wanna try anymore. I don’t know how to be that extra sweet,most of the time people do call me aggressive. Ya, I am aggressive and the feelings just get… Continue reading

  • 🍦🍧🍨

    Ice cream is an emotion, It is a type of portion, The portion that my body starts yearning especially in a bad mood, because most of the time it is the only cool dude to lift me by rising my dopamine level, forget building those muscles once in a while, I guess this gorgeous thing… Continue reading

  • Uncomplicate

    It was supposed to be taken easy peasy, I took it so harshly that it made me feel dizzy. It was meant to be taken as a chill pill, but I think it was hard for me to learn this skill. Maybe I wouldn’t have realized that it was this easy if I hadn’t made… Continue reading

  • Maybe it’s fine

    Maybe giving importance to everyone in today’s era isn’t fine, maybe your thoughts aren’t meant to align, maybe respecting the people who helped you is good but I guess being a little selfish is fine as you aren’t obliged to be understood by them every time. Maybe having few people who hate you is fine,… Continue reading

  • Weirdo days

    On some days emotions get so bottled up that it gets hard to open up, all I wanna do is just stay silent, ya I may be feeling angry, But I have no energy to be violent. These kinda days are very weird, all I wanna do is lay down in my bed like a… Continue reading

  • 🐦🐦🐦🐦

    The year had just started, I was feeling terrible that day,I was sitting on my rooftop and then suddenly from nowhere, these all birds gathered and guarded me and turned my energy into an optimistic one then they started chirping and stayed with me for half an hour and I felt so good that I… Continue reading

  • Maybe she isn’t strong

    The man who showed his private part to the 10-year-old kid still haunts her, when he opened his zip and asked her a few questions, pulled her closer, all this still haunts her. The innocent kid knew nothing at that time but sensed that something was wrong and he started singing a song,she pushed him… Continue reading


The blogger is a management student, who loves expressing her thoughts through writing.